Handmade Crafts

Below are samples of some of the crafts I have made in the past.  Some have been for clients and others I have done for myself.  

I enjoy being creative and am always looking for new ideas to utilize my creative thinking in the projects I am working on.  If there are specific needs that you have and would like help in defining your ideas, I would be happy to help!


The fabric plates below are plain glass, non-textured, 10" round glass plates with fabric backing, called "Fabric Backed Plates".  

They are wonderful for service finger foods or other light food appetizers.  They should be be submerged in dishwater or put in the dishwasher.  However, to clean them, a light soapy sponge with a warm water rinse to the front should be sufficient.

Side A

Side B


The teapots I like to use are fro an online store called, The English Tea Store.  They sell a variety of colors which makes color coordination fun!

Patterns for these Teas Cozy's are available for purchase to make on your own.

If you prefer to have one made with fabric of your choosing, please feel free to contact me.


There are two types of quilt I prefer making the most...

  1. the "Rag Quilt" (far left) and,

  2. the popular "T-Shirt Quilt", which makes a great gift for savoring memories.




  1. A Lazy Boy rocker/recliner re-upholstery is a good way to salvage a good chair with worn coverings.

  2. Instead of getting rid of that comfy couch, sometimes just a re-upholstering of the cushions is all it needs to add some variety to your decor.

  3. If you're sports fan and like to deck out in your favorite team's colors, why not include your pet!

  4. A personalized handmade tote bag is a useful item.




A kitchen table's chairs can be re-upholstered if the chairs are in good condition, when the fabric gets to look worn.

A new fabric can brighten up the set and look almost like new.  Plus, you can choose a fabric color that works well with your decor.

Far Right: With my artistry skills, I painted wall art on a bedroom wall.